Storyteller for Black narrows Brewing co.

My job is to tell the story, craft the message and help shape the culture of Black Narrows.

BIG PICTURE:  "A nation where state governments equip small businesses.  Where small businesses invest in both their local and global communities.  Where local communities help fortify their families.  Where families champion their children.  Where children inspire ideas, ideas that change the world."  

VISION:  "Be a brewery that empowers people to effect change in their local and global communities."



lead (Strategic operations) for MARSH FEST

My role is to help develop and cultivate the vision and values for MARSH.

VISION:  "To unite the Eastern Shore's aqua/agricultural, artistic and scientific communities in protecting, preserving and promoting the land, waters and other natural resources.  To partner with schools, businesses and local government in order to empower students and train up the next generation of engaged citizens.  To equip and educate the socially and economically diverse families who are the backbone of our community."



contributor to Edible Delmarva

I write a blend of narrative and descriptive essays on food, drink and life on the Delmarva Peninsula.

"Making biscuits is therapeutic.  When I cut the cold butter, I cut out the negativity.  When I work the the dough, I work out my worries and to-dos for the day.  I make a well in the middle of my bowl.  I pour buttermilk and hope into the mix.  I fold the batter in and watch my dreams form too.  I add a little more flour, a dusting of inspiration to the dough.  I feel for it with my hands and inside my head.  I roll out the mixture, shape the biscuits and I shape my world."



author and writer

"Somewhere Over the Black Narrows" is a heartbreaking love story navigating life, death & family. 

"My eyes buried themselves in the horizon.  An orange ribbon of light trimmed the blue skyline with a warm glow.  A pale purple lined the feathery clouds above.  Front and center, the untidy sea thundered under a sliver of sun.  From the spot where I stood on the beach I watched the water bend and break over the sands.  The foamy billows fueled the desire deep within.  I sprinted forward, splashing through the shallows...I reached forward and flew into the sea."  



I'm a poet and I know it

I'm working on publishing a collection of poems.

"...And then my mind
and it's thunderous thoughts
fade away like a passing storm.

The clouds scatter
and there's nothing,

But a clear horizon
and a fresh sheet of paper."