I was a little girl.

I remember her,

in a cold hospital bed.

I can't recall her face,

what it looked like then.  

In my mind I just see me,

standing by a bed of white sheets.  

Then later,

I'm standing beside her coffin.  

That's all I can see.  

The first person you lose leaves a mark.  

I never knew her, 

but I know my Grandpa

so I feel like I know her.  

I love hearing her name,


November is National Alzheimer's Awareness Month.  The disease runs rampant in my family tree.  My Grandpa's mother, Marie and his sister Iona suffered and were lost to Alzheimer's.  There are many others in our family who died from the disease.  Who will be next?  My greatest fear is losing my daughter.  My second greatest fear is missing out on her life.  I faced those fears with a pen in hand.  I wanted to do something with the worry inside of me and the pain of this possibility. I wanted to do whatever I could to help bring this struggle to light.  Somewhere Over the Black Narrows was born from facing these fears.