I'm a mess,

a blubbering mess.

She's my baby,

my buddy,

my joy,

my torment,

my daughter,

my partner in crime,

my kindred spirit,

my wanderer,

my world.

Tomorrow is such a huge milestone in her sweet little life.  Kindergarten.  I feel her independence grow every day.  She's always had a mind of her own and for that I'm grateful, but it's all happening so fast. She may be ready but I'm not.  I'm so blessed to have been by her side every step of the way up to this point, so grateful for these past 5 years and I'd do it all over again, the screaming, the crying, the feeling of "Can I really do this?" all over again.  We experienced so much life together, so many firsts, so many adventures, so much joy right along with the crazy.  She reminded me how important it is to see the world like a child.  She's taught me so much.  I hope I've helped her too.  From now on, I have to share her with so many people, entrust her to strangers that don't know her heart like I do.  Breathe in, breathe out. Let's do this Emma, let's jump. It's our new adventure. You got this girl.