I’m going down this lonesome road
To see my fate or victory
God must help us there to win
I’m coming back and I don’t know when.
— Bill Monroe

People told us.

They looked at us with knowing eyes and they warned us.

We nodded our heads like we knew somehow, but we didn't.


Starting a business is the scariest thing we've ever done.

In the thick of it now, I see what they felt for us.

They had been there, these small business owners.

They went through hell and back to get their dreams up off the ground.

They knew what we didn't at the time.


It's a forest of firsts and it's dark and gloomy

and the government, instead of helping you, sends you dancing through

hoop after hoop after hoop.

You realize then you're crazy.

You're crazy for starting your own business.


You throw up,

you fall on your face,

you watch money fly out the door

and you throw up again.

You wonder if you really wanted this.


And then you pick yourself up.

You look at the big picture and you see it clearly again.

You tell yourself that all the sleepless nights

and the many cups of coffee will pay off in the end.

You believe you can do it though you feel inadequate.


You come around your team and you talk and you learn

and you lift them because we're all in this together.

We believe in the dream.

We're here to see this brewery come to fruition.

We're going down this lonesome road and we're gonna get this done.


I feel so blessed to have this opportunity.

I feel sometimes that it's not real, that I have to pinch myself to wake up.

But we're bootstrappin' and we're plowing away.

This thing we're doing is something really beautiful.

These stories we're telling with our beers

lift up our local people and our new home on Chincoteague Island.

We're giving back and using our little business to help change the world.


One day soon we'll open up our doors

and our hearts will crack wide open.

I hope you'll be there.

We'd love to meet you over a pint on our porch

and swap a story or two.


Artists, Writers, sometimes what you're doing is kind of like punching a bear.  It's not possible.  It's stupid.  It's ridiculous in all actuality.  But don't let that stop you.  People might not understand and that's okay.  They might wonder why and that's okay too.  Break those boundaries and you'll discover you're helping pave the way for other crazies following behind you.