Of all the seasons, winter is the most conducive to the great art of dormancy. This art requires an appreciation of semi-consciousness: the beautiful and necessary prelude to sleep - a special pleasure in itself that is all too often neglected, under-valued or looked down upon.
— Michael Leunig

Everything's changing,

all around me.  

I feel the Fall, fleeing.

I hear winter whispering in the trees.


I'm walking in the night

and my bones shudder

and I turn the corner.


I'm not so sad, 

watching the colors fade

and the leaves fall.

I'm finding that I need the brown

and the quiet darkness.


I'm fading.

I'm falling headfirst

into the gloomy days of late...


Catch me please,

if you would

and let me rest in your arms

by the fire.


Let me be.

Let me be.

Let me be.


And I'll fade.

I'll fade slowly,

into you.

Artists, Writers, rest.  Take some time and fly away.  Take some time and be, just be...with yourself, with your love, with your family.